The Art of Modular Synthesis


The Book

Mock-up of the front cover 

Mock-up of the front cover 


Mock-up two page spread - artist information and equipment 

Mock up of two page spread - About the artists composition and patch information, together with the artwork produced form it.

ABOUT the book


The 'Art of Modular Syntheses' is a coffee table book that will be beautifully illustrated with high-quality photographic reproduction of artwork and modular equipment. The book will be based on the art project that artist Edward Ball will be working on throughout 2018-19. He will be collaborating with Modular Synthesists and painting artwork to their exciting sound compositions. The book will consist of the biographies of all the modular performers, what drew them to performing with modular equipment, information about their composition for the project and detailed patch info. The book will also have images of the full artwork produced to the composition by Edward, with images and illustrations of the modular performers equipment.  

"Harnessing the power of electric control voltage, sculpting visceral sonic waves, crafting mesmerising sound journeys and pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.  This is what Modular Synthesis means to me. Come with me on a journey where I will fuse two creative disciplines together, modular synthesis and art,  to create something visually engaging, thought-provoking and compelling"  Ed Ball